Dir: Shimmy Marcus.

A 1-hr arts documentary for TV3, 'A Disconnected Rhythm' is the story of how a leading composer and a team of dedicated doctors join with patients suffering with Parkinson’s Disease to create an inspirational piece of music. Documenting Ian Wilson’s five weeks as ‘Composer in Residence’ at the Adelaide & Meath Hospital in Tallaght, the film charts Ian’s progress as he sets about creating a work of art informed and inspired by Parkinson’s Disease. He does this in collaboration not just with other artists and musicians, but also with the patients themselves.

Through Ian, we meet the medical team and staff at Tallaght Hospital who believe passionately in the therapeutic value of art. ‘A Disconnected Rhythm' provides a unique insight into the artistic and medical processes as well as giving the viewer a sense of what it means to live with this debilitating condition. It shows the emotional, psychological and physical effects of the disease, not only on patients but also on family and loved ones. ‘A Disconnected Rhythm’ culminates with the first public performance of this unique musical collaboration.

Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson

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