Declan Conlan as Brian Lenihan in 'The Bailout'.

Declan Conlan as Brian Lenihan in 'The Bailout'.

The Bailout

Directors: Conall Morrison & John Comiskey

Screenplay: Colin Murphy

The dramatic story of how the battle to save Ireland’s economic sovereignty was fought, and lost.

From 2008 to 2010, Ireland’s government, led by Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan, desperately tried to avoid handing over governance of the economy to outsiders. They were crippled by a banking crisis and soaring national debt, by public despair, by their own lack of experience and by internecine strife - yet they nearly succeeded. In the end, it was the actions of other leaders that decided their fate.

Adapted for television by IFTA-nominated screenwriter and journalist Colin Murphy from his new play (‘Bailed Out!’),  this two-part drama tells the story of that time. 'The Bailout' is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and TV3.