Dir: Ian Power.

Supported by the BAI, the Irish Film Board and TV3 Ireland, 'The Guarantee' is a feature drama that reconstructs real events to tell the story that culminated in the fateful decision by the Irish State to offer a blanket bank guarantee in September 2008.

Adapted by Colin Murphy from his own acclaimed theatrical production and directed by Ian Power ('The Runway'), ‘The Guarantee' stars Peter Coonan ('Love/Hate'), David Murray ('Amber'), Gary Lydon ('Calvary'), Morgan C. Jones ('Vikings') and Orla Fitzgerald ('The Wind That Shakes The Barley').

Praise for The Guarantee

“The approach of mixing the factual with the fictional works brilliantly in delivering a spectacle that pulls off the difficult task of being both hugely entertaining and yet remains, a rigorous work.” The Sunday Independent

 **** The Sunday Times

“A movie we know ends in tears, but compellingly captures an important part of Irish history.” The Journal.