A feature drama written by Megan Everett-Skarsgård.

In April 1916, Sir Roger Casement was arrested as he came ashore from a German submarine off the west coast of Ireland. Tried and convicted for high treason, he was hanged in London’s Pentonville Prison on August 3rd.

Acclaimed for his humanitarian achievements, and knighted for his services to the crown in exposing atrocities in South America and colonial Africa, Casement - despite his establishment status and Anglo-Irish heritage - had become drawn to Irish nationalism. However, the scandal that ensued following the circulation of his private diaries (the so-called ‘Black Diaries’ which revealed his homosexuality) during the course of his trial at the Old Bailey undermined support for him and sealed his fate.

Writer Megan Everett-Skarsgård eschews a conventional biopic approach to combine two critical periods from Casement’s life into one compelling narrative: his consular service in the Congo and his doomed efforts to secure German intervention in Irish RIsing

Roger Casement is a protagonist of great complexity - an imperialist who undermined a king, a militarist from a ruined military family, a gay man who kept faith with his church, a knight who betrayed his country.

‘Casement’ will be an international co-production with leading British, Irish and German actors cast in key roles.







Roger Casement

Roger Casement