full circle

Full Circle is a feature documentary that begins with charismatic Glaswegian performance artist Stephen Skrynka and his lifelong obsession with the ‘Wall of Death’. This obsession leads him to training and performing with renowned wall rider Ken Fox and, in turn, to discovering the story of Longford men Michael Donohoe and Connie Kiernan. In 1979, Connie and Michael had constructed a ramshackle ‘Wall of Death’ on their farm outside Granard, inspiring the much-loved feature film Eat the Peach. Now, forty years on, Skrynka has appeared in Granard and presented them with an audacious proposal: construct a new ‘Wall of Death’ and fulfil their dream of performing for the public. Unlikely as it may seem, construction is starting on the wall and Connie and Michael, now in their sixties, are getting ready to ride again.

Full Circle is directed by Ross Whitaker ('Between Land & Sea', 'Munsterman').